A Third Word from Matumbi

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    A Third Word From Matumbi - Shut Up And Get Over It


    Good day, my friend! I am very pleased to see you again. It is incredibly fortunate for both of us to have survived another year of abject hunger, militia skirmishes, and small pox. Ha ha, what are the odds? Oh yes, they are 1 in 2. I am hopeful the survival rate wherever you are is ever so slightly higher!

    I have heard through the trash vine that you have recently been complaining about your life situation and I wanted to take some time away from bleeding internally to give you another word of encouragement. My good friend, obviously I cannot know the hardship of your everyday life. However, I did get word about one of your shipments being late from the Amazon, and I can certainly relate to that. Oh how it pains me, literally, when medical and food aid is delayed! What shipment were you waiting on? An “ironic shirt?” Here, an ironic shirt is “no shirt.” Ha ha! I am cold.

    As hard as your struggles may be, please try your best to keep your hopes high. Often times, I find that hope is all I have left to sustain me during the months with no rain (I used to have hope and love, but I had to barter away love for a sack of grains. This sack was promptly stolen). I know it is easy to complain when your life is this difficult, but I urge you to count what little blessings you may have. For me, these blessings include the remaining vision in one eye and the brief moments when the tse tse flies have had their fill of me. Ha ha! They are hardly ever satiated due to my thin blood!

    I must take my leave now as it seems my entire village is being relocated under the threat of execution. I wonder what garbage heap we will settle upon next! Anyway, keep me, Matumbi, in your thoughts when your life gets this difficult as well. One day, may we both enjoy the purification of two functional kidneys! Haha, dreams!


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